Meet the Crew


Birthplace: Chaguanas (Trinidad and Tobago)
Hobbies: Sports,Liming,Movies
Real name Kyle Cupid, attended Liberty University & New York Institute of Technology where he studied Business Management.

Design Engineer/Architectural Design/Constrution Inspector

Birthplace: San Fernando (Trinidad and Tobago)
Hobbies: Everything (I dont take anything serious)
Born Kester Jevon Medford on the twin Caribbean Island of Trinidad and Tobago Kester aka “raggy, smurf, spud webb and in college shins took up Design and talking complete nonsense at a very young age, and somehow made his way to the United States to further his education in Architecture and Engineering. After meeting up with fellow Trinidadians and other Caribbean students in college, while of course causing trouble, he decided to team up and start a number of ventures like seen comical t-shirt designs. Shins, as he is known now is strickly commited to a life of talking, “total mess”, and being carefree thus starting the triniaction website with the one they call bone……stay tune for..well just stay tune.

Coach /Publisher/Entrepreneur

Birthplace: Port-of-Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)
Hobbies: Reading, Sports, and Liming (Trini word for chilling)
Known as Serginho Sandy, he started his career wile attending college in the United States experimenting wile attempting to be a journalism major.  He later graduated from college with two bachelor of science degrees (Theology, and Management  and Ethics). Fascinated with social media and comedy Bone decided to put his passion in writing, despite switching majors in college.
In 2009 he formed “Triniaction” in hopes of adding to the millions of blogs that are available for people’s interest. With dreams of some day having an prominate website for cultural entertainment.
To date Bone has some what re-invented his passion and has revamped Triniaction’s website to continue to provided information,  for his fans.


7 thoughts on “Meet the Crew

  1. as a former College mate of the two creators Bone and Shins i, a white boy from South Africa, can back up statements that they were born to cause havoc and say the un- sayable!!!! keep up the smack, entertainment is ya’lls thing!

    • hahaha, yeah man, left the motherland for now, am in Dubai- chasing th dream hey! loving things here…. u trinis should come check it out!

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