If you are easily offended, I suggest you stop read this right now. Trinidad and Tobago football has hit a new low, and I fear the ship has more to sink before salvation rescuers swim and get to the bottom of the problem and bring it to life. Madness or insanity is doing the same thing over and over and yes over again trying to get the same result when you have failed every single (I really want to curse) time.  We went  from  strike squad with a team that had no overseas professionals (I mean play in Europe or an established league) and nearly reaching the world cup by dominating the  region, to begin beaten by team that have players selling fruits and vegetables in the market. Note we have players that main source of income is play Professional football in well established league around the world, but yet still we continually struggle to win or even compete on the international stage. I am not point fingers and blaming anyone, well I take that back I am pointing my finger directly to the TTFF and indirectly to the players on the national team.

Firstly let me blast the TTFF for seeing the ship sinking and not doing anything to save it, because I know you all are not that dumb and short-sighted. Tell me if you keep putting the wrong shoe on the wrong foot can you run, would you correct another if he/she did this before to take a light jog, or would you let them fall flat on their face. Alright so you did not get the point there, scrap that, tell me now listen carefully, if you was in a boat and water started coming into that boat, filling it up and you know the outcome in the next however minutes or seconds is swim, drown or patch it and save the boat, what would you do?…It was only a matter of time folks, footballers and flicking idiots that the TTFF ship would have run aground. Corruption and dishonestly has been going on for a long time in Trinidad Football and people have turned away and refuse to see and speak up about it in the organization. There is no way (I really wanted to curse there to) that a sum of money due to the players can go missing just like that and no one knows, no flicking way. And there is nowhere in the world where police has to raid a football governing body to get funds to pay their own players, who represent their own country to get what is rightfully Thiers.  You are telling me since 2006, when Trinidad and Tobago became the smallest country in the world, and I mean planet earth, not Narnia or some magical land, to ever qualify in the history of football, that players still have not received all the money promised to them. That is, hold on we in 2012 right?. That is six years ago, TTFF should change their name to Owen, because that is all they good for. Where has all the money FIFA sent to develop football in Trinidad?. Kentucky fried chicken, Roti and Doubles have not gone up that much to be stealing millions of dollars. This is sickening to see the state at which our football has reached, and when I say sickening I mean suppligen  and chicken Roti meal sickening (Trinidadian will know what I mean). In other words, it is straight Diarrhea, and because of that we are now producing mediocre players who can’t even put together two passes. We went from the Russell Latapy’s, Dwight Yorke’s,and Clint marcell’s to absolute (no not vodka) garbage. And now we appointing the same people who fail back in important role for football development , because “daddy” is a ”big boy” in the country’s football. I sticking to my guns and saying Ifeel we should take up bobsledding or curling, because we wasting time trying to compete with nations who main resource is bananas and spices. Total madness.

Yours truly,





  1. First of all it’s not Trinidad Football…Is Trinidad & Tobago Football. I understand where you are coming from and I feel your pain. But I had this same conversation with someone…their answer was, “there are other sports for the youths to choose from now. Football is suffering because of that.” Yes the TTFA is not paying the players and the pro league is not up to the standard we expected it to be.

  2. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”
    Albert Einstein

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